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Now, decades later, with the experience of living in countless countries around the world, having been involved in two bloody coups, 153 dead on the grounds of my hotel in one instance (the government only admitted to 117 -- lying liars lie), I can say from that broad and varied perspective that in the entire world I have only seen corruption and stupidity as bad as Seattle in one other place, both of them (Seattle and the other) in the USA. It is NOT that bad in frikkin' Cambodia. I lived in Mexico for awhile for God's sake -- it wasn't as bad as the US. The corruption and stupidity in the USA isn't open and glaring like it is in Third World countries -- it's far more of a sneaky, underhanded, slithering, viperous variety. US authorities won't usually outright murder you; they'll just ruin your life and make you wish you were dead. They'll do it all through "channels" and "procedures" and "technicalities" that they like to call "the law". What place was worse than the Pacific Northwest for corruption and skulduggery and illogic and back-stabbing and back-biting and thievery and incompetence and -- it was a horrendous little berg called Gallup, New Mexico. Look up the crime rates. We were robbed 9 times in three years in our corporate chain restaurant. Plenty of witnesses. Everyone knew the robbers -- they didn't even wear masks! They were ex-employees. We had fired them for drug sales. No convictions for the 9 bold, in-your-face gunpoint robberies. Why? Because the three (3) local judges were splitting the proceeds of the robberies with the robbers as they had split the proceeds of the drug money and that's a proven, documented fact, and it's barely one grain of sand on a beach of what really goes on there even today in 2021.

When things got BAD ENOUGH, I called in a marker. It was my Ace in the Hole. I hadn't been particularly worried about anything up to that point because I had, as I've said, an Ace in the Hole. I had worked in Federal law enforcement in the "Number 2" region of the US which included Colorado, just north of New Mexico. I called the head of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, who had been a friend (Suttlecheck), but discovered he had rotated out years before. It was my intention to call in a strike -- to set these mutherfuckers up and take out about twenty of them in one fell-swoop. I found that all my old partners and contacts had rotated out as well but I spoke with "another" top official in Colorado and he woke me up pretty mercilessly. He detailed his own experiences growing up in New Mexico with this same strata. His father, a Federal Judge south of Albuquerque, had been arrested on a bogus charge and murdered in his cell when he got too close to taking down a part of a cartel, and he related dozens of similar events while he and his family lived there. It was what propelled him into law enforcement as an adult. Unfortunately, he said he couldn't help me. He was literally, physically afraid to get involved and he admitted that out loud and readily. He was viscerally scared of the place and the system. He said he refused to cross the border into the state of New Mexico, not even to have lunch at a Burger King, and his children and family were also similarly admonished. He was more scared of New Mexico than he was of Mexico. He said there was no point in trying to bring about justice or change in that state because it was impossible; the corruption was too entrenched. Indeed, our parent corporation hired an investigative team (actually they hired about five, but all quit within days except the last one, who lasted months) just to look into our robberies in our restaurant and after several months the retired FBI agent who owned the agency called and told us to go to a phone booth a mile away and wait. We did so. It rang. We answered. He told us he was dropping the investigation because it had become too dangerous for him and his team. He said the problems all traced back to the Mexican drug cartel operating in New Mexico, and that cartel traced back to people far and vastly above his pay scale in Washington D.C. Big names. Washington D.C.

He told us to get out. Now. That very day. He said he could get us out if we couldn't get out on our own, but that day was our last opportunity to depart the state alive. We would be gunned down in a set-up raid on our home the following evening -- yes, even our 8 year old son. We did leave, but eventually got the last laugh. Some of the worst perpetrators were eventually arrested and convicted, effected remotely by us, though it took about ten years, and two that we know of were murdered in prison -- hopefully more. One was ceremoniously gutted while alive and conscious; I still have the coroner's report. What had been responsible for stirring up this hornet's nest in New Mexico and invoking the white-hot ire of the Chicano drug cartel? We had stopped the illegal drug trade in our restaurant. Just that, and we'd even done it politely with no police involved. But that was enough to assault and insult the supreme arrogance of the local cartels. Unfortunately, even sending a big handful to prison and a few to Hell was like waving s swizzle stick to swat away the million flies on the carcass of a dead beef in the desert. The vacuum was filled in seconds and absolutely no one noticed.

The point of this story is to illustrate that that region was only SLIGHTLY worse than the Pacific Northwest. Look at the extreme and profound corruption of the Kent, Washington police department for instance. It's beyond the pale, operating so far beyond any semblance of honor or law that it can only be called an outlaw gang and I mean that absolutely literally and in every sense of the word. Please try to grasp what I'm telling you if you live or work in that area. It's virtually certain you don't understand the threat you're living under and would never, ever believe it until you, too, get accidentally vacuumed up into that black quagmire of insanity. Then you'll understand. Then you'll wish you'd moved away. Numerous times the FBI has set up giant sting operations in the PNW (often the Tacoma to Kent to Orting areas, and to a degree in Everett (Snohomish County) and have netted thousands of bad people. But it barely makes a dent. The stupidity, backwardness, corruption, malfeasance, incompetence -- it runs miles deep in the veins of the Pacific Northwest; think Washington, Idaho, and Oregon and, honestly, it's unbeatable. Many joke that the perpetual rain of the region is responsible for so many moldy brains; maybe that's even true in a sense.

You can't legislate out the genetic stupidity of people like Judge John Lawson or Attorney Leigh Ann Collings Tift or the geniuses running her lawfirm. Federal law enforcement recognizes this fact well. And they do try on occasion to tamp it down, and they do succeed, slightly. But it's like removing a handful of polluted water from the ocean. It needs to be done; if you're a contributing member of society you can't just ignore the pollutants -- it's not in you to do that. But the ocean doesn't notice. When we left the Pacific Northwest we thought maybe the entire world was just like that. Seattle, New Mexico -- that was just the world, right? But it's not. Yes, the world is largely fucked up. But it's not largely as fucked up as the Pacific Northwest. I knew and interacted with a few truly great judges in that region. Here's an example of one NOT so great whom I fortunately never interacted with, but she's kind of the norm -- she stands out publicly ONLY because she got caught. Many others get caught daily, but they pay their ways out with perks and favors and markers -- not usually money in the PNW. My guess is that Bridge had been caught SO MANY TIMES that she had no more perks or markers to offer, and law enforcement had simply had enough, so what people see in her DUI debacle is just the tip of the iceberg if her real file were ever to surface.

A few judges ARE smart, clever, intelligent, forthright, honest, honorable, street-wise -- but only a small handful. Most are like Judge John Lawson. Just rank, mentally handicapped fucking imbeciles. I grew up with a kid who ended up relocating to the PNW and became a judge in Seattle. He was my best friend through several schools. Fat kid. Always picked on. I forever lament that I didn't do more to protect him and that's a profound black mark on my immortal soul; I'm sorry forever and I mean that every single day. He was a decent kid in his heart at any rate, a loyal friend, but fucking clueless about logic or life. His grandest aspiration was to become an "academic", which is, of course, a sad joke to people who perform actual work in their lives. Theories are great. The world needs theories. But learn to back them the fuck up with real, hands-on proof. Too often those flowery theories fall completely apart like sandcastles in the surf, and all the while the academics swore they were made of concrete. That's my friend: man of crumbling theories in the face of blunt realities.

As much as this fat kid was my best friend, he's no more qualified to be the judge of a Goddamned pie-eating contest than I am qualified to be an astronaut on the Moon. Yet he is a powerful judge today. And his ludicrous, uninformed, wild, il-concieved, limp-wristed, backwards, clueless, counter-productive decisions, just like the bad and unqualified decisions he made all through school, are ruining the lives of good people all day, every day, and there's no way to stop him until he dies of coronary artery disease -- only to be replaced by yet another judicial buffoon. Judges are paid to MAKE DECISIONS. No one says they must make GOOD decisions and if they don't, well, who ya gonna call? Oh -- THOSE people!? Oh -- THAT agency!? Try it and see how that works out for ya. Sure, sure, if a judge gets overturned ENOUGH TIMES, s/he MIGHT, eventually receive some discipline. But try getting ANY bad and truly crazy judge actually off the bench? Ain't gonna happen. THAT is America, but much more so in the Pacific Northwest. As King of Amurica about the first thing I'd do would be to unceremoniously kick 70% of the present judges OFF THE BENCH across the US and 92% of the rats in the PNW, and then while I was on a roll I'd replace them with -- replace them with -- er, I'd repla-- Well wait a second. There's not a surplus of intelligent life in the USA! I'd replace them with WHAT, exactly? Jackrabbits? Coyotes? For God's sake the coyotes are at least smarter! Again, yes, bad judges and just plain bad people are everywhere, but nowhere so plentiful and so blatantly fucking stupid as in the Northwest US and that tiny shithole in the outback of New Mexico (and then, of course, there's Louisiana)(And New Jersey). Is it a surprise, then, when the PNW (and New Mexico) breeds SO MANY serial killers and pedophiles? No surprise at all. It's inevitable. End Rant.



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I believe this is the most dishonest, dishonorable and most downright evil individual I have encountered in this lifetime; only a child rapist or a serial killer could be considered on a lower level. I believe rampant illegal drug use, on a virtually industrial scale, accounts for some of Delann's loss of decency and morality, but chances are without those influences she'd still be a lying pig. Even after all these years I am still considering further action against these people. Their behavior was so far beyond the pale that it can never be excused or forgiven. (this remains my sentiment in September of 2021).


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This editorial review website features, contains and includes my opinions

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